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The company manufactures bearings. It is one of the component to transfer motion and also helps in reducing friction. There are two functions of the components; to support those components which are related to one another and other one is to transmit force. The components of the system consists of two discs having raceways, rollers as rolling elements, A cage to keep those rolling elements apart and under guidance. There are two kinds of bearings one is centre bearing and centre bearing rubber. In the rubber bearing the rubber is effectively used between the metal layers so that frictionless and smooth movement is possible to every part connected to it.

Centre Bearing

The bearing is used between the two parts of machines in the vehicle to absorb the vibration and the shock created during high speed or rough situation driving. The Centre Bearing we are presenting here is used in the mid-sized vehicles at the time of splitting of the drive shaft into two sections. This bearing system helps to provide flexibility and the smoothen operation to the drive. We are manufacturing this Centre Bearing in a way to fulfill the entire requirement in an efficient way. 

Technical Specifications

  • Diameter 4-5 inch
  • Shape U Shape
  • Weight Upto 2 kg
  • Packaging Type Box
  • Material Mild Steel

Centre Bearing Rubber

We have gained a leading position in the race for premium quality Centre Bearing Rubber. Our company offers this bearing made of high-quality rubber to be efficiently used between the metal layer with the purpose to provide a frictionless and smooth movement to the parts connected to it. The Centre Bearing Rubber we are offering is used for the midsized and heavy-duty automotive. We offer this world market leading product at a very competitive price compared to the automotive market.

Technical Specifications

  • Adhesion Strength 7 kN/m
  • Material Rubber
  • Working Temperature Upto 120 degree
  • Weight Upto 2 kg
  • Packaging Type Box
  • Design Load 7 Mpa


"We are accepting minimum order quantity 1000 Pieces."
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